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The Major Program

The Bachelor of Arts degree in music provides both a broad liberal arts education and the skills necessary to explore music through its history, composition, theory, and performance. Students majoring in music may choose from three tracks in the major: (1) composition, (2) music history, theory, and ethnomusicology, or (3) performance. After a common core of courses in the lower division, students pursue their chosen track with specialized courses leading to an appropriate senior project.

All majors are expected to complete a substantial project (composition, research presentation, recital) in the senior year (Music 195). Music majors who intend to pursue graduate studies in music are encouraged to satisfy the requirements of one of the honors programs in music.

Study Abroad and the Music Major. The department encourages students to pursue a portion of their studies abroad. In close collaboration with their undergraduate advisers, students plan a course of study abroad that complements their coursework at Davis. UC Davis Music majors have completed upper division coursework at EAP partner institutions in Australia, England, France, Germany, and Italy; Music faculty members lead summer programs in Argentina and Austria.

The Program. A fundamental grounding in music theory, music history, and performance during the first two years of study leads to more specialized study of composition, history, or performance during the last two years of undergraduate work.

Career Alternatives. Students who graduate with a B.A. in music from UC Davis have gone on to careers as composers and performers, in academia, and in the concert, media, and computing industries. Others have continued in medicine, law and business.

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