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Courses in Internal Medicine—Endocrinology and Metabolism (ENM)

Upper Division

192. Internship in Endocrinology (1-12)

Internship—3-36 hours; final report. Prerequisite: upper division standing; approval of project by preceptor prior to internship. Supervised work experience in endocrinology. May be repeated for credit up to 12 units. (P/NP grading only.)


299. Research (1-12)

Prerequisite: consent of instructor. Endocrinology research. (S/U grading only.)


460. Endocrinology Clinical Clerkship (3-18)

Clinical activity (inpatient-outpatient service)—full time (3 days per unit). Prerequisite: Internal Medicine 430 and/or consent of instructor. Limited enrollment. Participation with members of subspecialty service in the initial evaluation, work-up, management and follow-up of patients with endocrinologic disorders. (H/P/F grading only.) —F, W, S, Su. (F, W, S, Su.)

465. Clinical Nutrition Clerkship (3-18)

Clinical activity—30 hours. Prerequisite: completion of Internal Medicine 430; consent of IOR. In-depth experience in assessment and monitoring of nutritional support of patients whose illnesses are complicated by malnutrition and of patients with problems in under-nutrition due to various illnesses. May be repeated for credit. (H/P/F grading only).—F, W, S, Su. (F, W, S, Su.) Prescott

480. Insights in Endocrinology (1-3)

Clinical activity—3-9 hours; oral presentation. Prerequisite: student in good academic standing and consent of instructor. First- or second-year students observe in morning Endocrine and Diabetes clinics and attend bi-weekly noon and afternoon endocrine conferences. They also give brief endocrine physiology oral presentation to the endocrine group. (H/P/F grading only).—F, W, S, Su. (F, W, S, Su.)

499. Research (1-12)

Prerequisite: consent of instructor. (H/P/F grading only.)

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