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Required Curriculum for the M.D. Degree

The following listing is the typical sequencing of all courses required for earning the M.D. degree. Course descriptions are given under the individual departmental course offerings.

First-Year Required Courses

Year 1, Foundations Block

Molecular Medicine, BCM 410A
Gross-Radiologic-Developmental Anatomy, CHA 400
Human Physiology, HPH 400
Human Microscopic Anatomy, CHA 402
Doctoring 1, MDS 411A

Year 1, Mechanisms & Disease Block

Medical Immunology, MMI 480A
Medical Microbiology, MMI 480B
General and Endocrine Pathology, PMD 410A
Pharmacology, PHA 400A
Endocrine-Nutrition-Reproduction-Genetics, "ENRG", MDS 406
Doctoring 1, MDS 411B

Second-Year Required Courses

Year 2, Brain & Behavior Block

Neuroanatomy, CHA 403
Systemic Pathology, PMD 410B
Pharmacology, PHA 400B
Clinical Neurosciences, NEU 420
Foundations of Bioethics, MDS 428
Fundamentals of Clinical Psychiatry, PSY 403
Doctoring 2, MDS 421A

Year 2, Pathophysiology Block

Integumentary System, DER 420
Cardiovascular System, IMD 420D
Pulmonary and Critical Care, IMD 420C
Nephrology, IMD 420E
Hematology, IMD 420A
Systemic Pathology, PMD 410C/D
Pharmacology, PHA 400C
Oncology, HON 420
GI System, IMD 420B
Doctoring 2, MDS 421B/C

Third- and Fourth-Year Required Courses

Transition to Clerkships – MDS 429 Required Third-Year

Internal Medicine
Clerkship—IMD 430 8 weeks
Clerkship—SUR 430 8 weeks
Clerkship—PED 430 8 weeks
Family Medicine Clerkship—
FAP 430 4 weeks
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Clerkship—OBG 430 8 weeks
Clerkship—PSY 430 8 weeks
Doctoring 3, MDS 430A-D

Fourth-Year Requirements

36 Weeks of Required Course work comprised of the following specifics:

  • 4 weeks of an Inpatient Acting Internship from one of the following departments at UC Davis: Internal Medicine, OB-GYN, Pediatrics, Surgery, Family & Community Medicine and Psychiatry
  • 4 weeks of Inpatient or Ambulatory Acting Internship in any department/discipline
  • 4 weeks of Special Studies Module or Scholarly Project
  • 4 weeks of Emergency Medicine
  • 20 weeks of additional Acting Internships, Advanced Clinical Clerkships or Clinical Didactics
  • 16 weeks must be taken at UC Davis
  • 28 weeks must be in direct patient care
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