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Courses in Plastic Surgery (PSU)


460. Clinical Plastic Surgery Elective (1-18)

Clinical activity—full time (approximately 40 hours per week). Prerequisite: third- or fourth-year medical students; Surgery 430; consent of instructor. Total involvement in patient care involving surgical preparation, treatment, operative care, and follow-up. Developing and understanding reconstruction and aesthetic plastic surgery. Microvascular surgery included. Student rotation. (H/P/F grading only.)—F, W, S, Su. (F, W, S, Su.) Wong

Urology (URO)

Upper Division

199. Special Study for Advanced Undergraduates (1-5)

Prerequisite: consent of instructor. (P/NP grading only.)


400. Office Urology (1)

Clinical activity—4 hours in afternoons (6 weeks). Prerequisite: fourth- year medical students with consent of instructor. Introduction to ambulatory care of urologic patients including basic therapeutic and diagnostic procedures from case material referred to private clinic. Management of urinary tract infection will be emphasized. (H/P/F grading only.)—F, W, S, Su. (F, W, S, Su.) 

460. Urology Clinical Clerkship (5-18)

Clinical activity—full time. Prerequisite: second-year medical student; physical diagnosis or the equivalent; consent of instructor. Limited enrollment. Clinical experience in diagnosis and treatment of urologic disease. Student will work closely with house staff, participate in conferences and surgery, and perform initial patient evaluation on new patients. May be repeated for credit. (H/P/F grading only.)—F, W, S, Su. (F, W, S, Su.) Low

461. Externship in Urology (3-18)

Clinical activity—60 hours. Prerequisite: fourth-year medical student; consent of instructor. Under supervision, student acting as intern will assume full inpatient responsibility including admission history, physical examination, management of hospitalization, and participate in surgical procedures, outpatient clinic and learning diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. May be repeated for credit. (H/P/F grading only.)—F, W, S, Su. (F, W, S, Su.) Low

499. Research in Urology (1-12)

Research—3-36 hours. Prerequisite: medical or veterinary medical students with consent of instructor. Research in oncology, male infertility, urodynamics, neurogenic bladder. Unique opportunity to apply recent technologies (nuclear medicine resonance, flow cytometry, recombinant DNA) in investigation, diagnosis and treatment of GU cancer, infectious disease, male infertility and development of genitourinary bioprosthetics. (H/P/F grading only.)—F, W, S, Su. (F, W, S, Su.) Ghosh, Kurzrock

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