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Courses in Radiation Oncology (RON)

Upper Division

199. Special Study for Advanced Undergraduates; Research in Radiation Biology (1-5)

Prerequisite: undergraduate standing; consent of instructor. Radiation Oncology is a unique discipline combining elements of clinical practice linked to complex physics based dosimetry and treatment planning. Included within this clinical environment is a strong basis in biology that underpins the clinical effectiveness of radiation treatment. (P/NP grading only.)—F, W, S, Su. (F, W, S, Su.) Vaughan


211. Introduction to Radiation Oncology Physics (3-6)

Prerequisite: consent of instructor; restricted to physics and engineering graduate students and senior undergraduate physics majors. Class size limited to three students. Introduction to radiation oncology physics. Overview of treatment methodologies. Medical physics equipment. Treatment machine dosimetry, including calibration. Machine quality assurance. Patient dosimetry. Treatment planning. Simulation and treatment. Treatment quality assurance, including calculation checks and chart checks. Brachytherapy. (S/U grading only.)—F, W, S, Su. (F, W, S, Su.) Stern

299. Independent Study and Research (1-12)

Laboratory—3-40 hours. Prerequisite: enrollment with a Graduate Group for Ph.D. candidacy and consent of Group Adviser and Sponsor. Research under supervision of Radiation Oncology faculty. Work must be appropriate to fulfill the requirements for the Ph.D. degree. (S/U grading only.)—F, W, S, Su. (F, W, S, Su.) Coleman, Li, Vaughan


420. Radiobiology Lecture Course (1)

Lecture—1 hour. Prerequisite: Biological Sciences 1A, Mathematics 12, Physics 1A. Radiobiology lectures are designed to engage the physician residents, physics residents and medical students in learning Radiobiology principles and concepts during the year the Radiation Physics course is taught. May be repeated two times for credit. (H/P/F grading only.)—F, W, S, Su. (F, W, S, Su.) Coleman, Li, Vaughan

463. Radiation Oncology Clerkship (3-9)

Clinical activity—30 hours. Prerequisite: completion of Medical Sciences 430, 431; third-year clinical clerkship, consent of instructor required. Introduction to radiation oncology. Students will participate in workup and treatment planning for radiation oncology patients and will be introduced to the concepts involved in clinical radiation oncology, radiation biology, and radiation physics. (H/P/F grading only.)—F, W, S, Su. (F, W, S, Su.)  Fragoso

465. Externship in Radiation Oncology (3-16)

Clinical activity—30 hours. Prerequisite: consent of instructor. Externship provides in-depth exposure to the field of Radiation Oncology for students who rotation through an affiliated institution. May be repeated for credit. (H/P/F grading only.)— F, W, S, Su. (F, W, S, Su.) Fragoso

499. Independent Study and Research in Therapeutic Radiology (1-12)

Prerequisite: consent of instructor. Advanced-level research seminar in clinical and/or translational radiation oncology. Work with the course instructor to generate a testable hypothesis. (H/P/F grading only.)—F, W, S, Su. (F, W, S, Su.)  Coleman, Fragoso, Li, Mayadev, Monjazeb, Vaughan

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