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The Major Program

Native American Studies provides a multi-disciplinary introduction to the indigenous cultures of North, Central, and South America. It challenges students to consider issues of cultural diversity, sovereignty, and indigenous knowledge systems in preparation for living in a world of constantly increasing social and cultural complexity.

The Program. Students electing a major in Native American Studies may complete Plan I, Plan II, or Plan III. Plan I enables students to concentrate chiefly upon the Native experience in North America (north of Mexico). Plan II encourages interested students to focus upon Meso-America with some course work integrating Meso-America with North America and South America. Plan III focuses upon South America with some course work integrating that region with areas to the north.

Career Alternatives. Native American Studies is excellent preparation for a scholarly career or professional career such as teaching, law, human services, health, tribal administration, social work, and inter-ethnic relations. Graduate schools and agencies in these and related areas are looking for students with broad interdisciplinary preparation and who possess knowledge and sensitivity relating to ethnic issues and cultural diversity.

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