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(College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences)

Francene M. Steinberg, Ph.D., RD., Chair of the Department

Sheri Zidenberg-Cherr, Ph.D., Vice Chairperson of the Department

Department Office. 3135 Meyer Hall; 530-752-4630; http://nutrition.ucdavis.edu


Elizabeth Applegate, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer (SOE) Academic Senate Distinguished Teaching Award
Gary Cherr, Ph.D., Professor (Nutrition, Environmental Toxicology)
Kathryn G. Dewey, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor
Nilesh W. Gaikwad, Ph.D., Associate Professor (Nutrition, Environmental Toxicology)
Fawaz G. Haj, Ph.D., Professor (Nutrition, Internal Medicine)
Carl L. Keen, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor (Nutrition, Internal Medicine)
Bo L. Lönnerdal, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor (Nutrition, Internal Medicine)
Patricia Oteiza, Ph.D., Professor (Nutrition, Environmental Toxicology)
Carolyn M. Slupsky, Ph.D., Professor (Nutrition, Food Science & Technology)
Francene M. Steinberg, Ph.D., R.D., Professor and Chair
Christine Stewart, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Angela Zivkovic, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Emeriti Faculty

Lindsay H. Allen, Ph.D., Professor Emerita
Kenneth H. Brown, M.D., Professor Emeritus
Andrew J. Clifford, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
Louis E. Grivetti, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
Lucia Kaiser, Ph.D., Specialist in Cooperative Extension Emerita
Janet King, Ph.D., Professor Emerita
Roger B. McDonald, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
Robert B. Rucker, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
Barbara O. Schneeman, Ph.D., Professor Emerita
Judith S. Stern, Sc.D., R.D., Professor Emerita

Affiliated Faculty

Sean Adams, Ph.D., Associate Adjunct Professor
Ellen Bonnel, Ph.D., Academic Administrator
Betty Burri, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor
Britt Burton-Freeman, Ph.D., Associate Research Nutritionist
Joan Frank, M.S., R.D., Academic Coordinator, Lecturer
Ellen Fung, Ph.D., R.D., Associate Adjunct Professor
Robert M. Hackman, Ph.D., Research Nutritionist
Marjorie Haskell, Ph.D., Associate Researcher
Peter Havel, Ph.D., D.V.M., Professor
Wayne Hawkes, Ph.D., Assistant Adjunct Professor
M. Jane Heinig, Ph.D., Academic Administrator
Sonja Hess, Ph.D., Associate Research Nutritionist
Liping Huang, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor
Daniel Hwang, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor
Nancy Keim, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor
Darshan Kelley, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor
Kevin Laugero, Ph.D., Associate Adjunct Professor
Louise Lanoue, Ph.D., Associate Project Scientist
Roy Martin, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor
John Newman, Ph.D., Associate Adjunct Professor
Charles Stephensen, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor
Marilyn S. Townsend, Ph.D., R.D., Specialist in Cooperative Extension
Janet Uriu-Adams, Ph.D., Associate Research Nutritionist
Marta Van Loan, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor
Sheri Zidenberg-Cherr, Ph.D., Specialist in Cooperative Extension
Susan Zunino, Ph.D., Associate Adjunct Professor

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