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Physical Education

(College of Letters and Science)

Barbara Jahn, M.S., Program Director

Program Office. 264 Hickey Gymnasium; 530-752-1111

Committee in Charge

Keith Baar, Ph.D. (Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior)
Sue Bodine, Ph.D. (Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior)
Barbara A. Jahn, M.S. (Physical Education)
Susan Kauzlarich, Ph.D. (Chemistry)
Academic Senate Distinguished Graduate Mentoring Award
Tonya Kuhl, Ph.D. (Chemical Engineering and Materials Science)
Ronald Manara, M.S. (Physical Education)
Dwayne Shaffer, M.A. (Physical Education/Intercollegiate Athletics)


Barbara A. Jahn, M.S., Supervisor

Affiliated Faculty

Lloyd Acosta, M.Ed, Lecturer/Coach
Carissa Adams, Ph.D., Lecturer
Alex Antipa, B.S., Lecturer
Erin Bridges-Thorpe, M.B.A., Lecturer/Coach
Stephen T. Bronzan, M.S., Lecturer/Assistant Director
Greg Chapla, B.A., Lecturer
Daniel Connors B.A, Lecturer/Coach
Rozanne DeWeese, M.A., Lecturer
Steven Doten, Ph.D., Lecturer
Adam Getchell, M.S., Lecturer
Ron Gould, B.A. Lecturer/Coach
Yajun Graves, B.S., Lecturer
Jennifer Gross, M.A., Lecturer/Coach
Rick Henderson, B.S., Lecturer
Sara Jackson, M.S., Lecturer/Coach
Mark Johnson, M.S., Lecturer
Twila Kaufman, M.A., Lecturer/Coach
Andrea Khoo, B.S., Lecturer
Christine Kilroe, B.S., Lecturer/Coach
Theresa Ladouceur, B.S. Lecturer/Coach
John Lavallee, M.Ed., Lecturer/Coach
Daryl Lee, M.S., Lecturer
James Les, B.S. Lecturer/Coach
Daniel Leyson, M.A., Lecturer/Coach
Ron Manara, M.S., Lecturer
Bill Maze, M.B.A., Lecturer/Coach
Peter Motekaitis, M.A., Lecturer/Coach
Kevin Nosek, M.S., Lecturer/Coach
Maryclaire Robinson, M.S., Lecturer
Dwayne Shaffer, M.A., Lecturer/Coach
Sandy Simpson, M.S., Lecturer
Eric Steidlmayer, J.D, Lecturer/Coach
Anna Temple, B.A., Lecturer/Coach
Lisa Varnum, B.S., Athletic Trainer/Lecturer
Matt Vaughn, M.A., Lecturer/Coach
Cy Williams, M.A.T., Lecturer/Coach
Jamey Wright, J.D., Lecturer/Coach
Karen Yoder, M.A., Lecturer/Coach
Karen Zufelt, Ph.D, Lecturer

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