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The Program of Study

The Program in Physical Education facilitates the development and offering of non-major courses related to physical activities and education, fitness and health, athletic training, teacher education, and organized sport. The Program is available as part of a student's general educational experience to enhance and broaden the understanding and experience of physical activity in the maintenance of lifetime health and fitness.

The basic activities series includes Physical Education 1, fitness, lifetime, and sports skills. The PE 1 activity courses are instructional in nature, designed to introduce new skills to beginners or to improve existing skills. Physical Education 6 is offered for students participating in intercollegiate athletics. Additional lower division courses include those in special skill areas, such as life-saving and water safety, health and fitness, and athletic training. Upper division courses include advanced classes in coaching, sociology of sports, and a series of courses that meet the mandated requirements for students pursuing teacher preparation and certification.

Teaching Credential Subject Representative. Barbara Jahn

Class and Recreational Use of Facilities. The incidental fee payable by all students at the time of registration entitles students to the use of the gymnasium, pool, showers, tennis courts, and athletic fields. Fines are imposed for each formal transaction necessitated by failure of the student to comply with the regulations of the program.

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