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A.B. Major Requirements:

Preparatory Subject Matter
(A) One course from the Religious Studies 1 series 4
(B) Four courses from other Religious Studies lower division offerings 16
Depth Subject Matter
Religious Studies 100 4
Nine upper division Religious Studies courses* 36
* Four of these courses may be upper division courses related to religion that are offered by other departments and taken with the approval of a Religious Studies adviser.
Total Units for the Major
Recommended. A reading knowledge of a foreign language is highly recommended.
Course Equivalents. The major advisers have a list of lower and upper division courses that can be substituted for courses suggested above.
Major Advisers. Consult the Program office.

Minor Program Requirements:

Religious Studies
Lower division course 4
Upper division courses 16
Religious Studies 100 required. Some substitutions from other departments or programs allowed with consent of adviser.
Minor Advisers. Same as major advisers.
Honors and Honors Program. A student becomes eligible for graduation with honors by meeting the minimum GPA and course requirements established by the College of Letters and Science. Upon successful completion of the additional requirements of the College of Letters and Science Honors Program, individual students may be recommended by the program for graduation with high honors or highest honors on the basis of an evaluation of their academic achievements in the major.
Education Abroad Program. The Religious Studies program encourages students to study in the Summer Abroad program, the Quarter Abroad program, or the Education Abroad program. With the approval of a major adviser, applicable courses taken abroad may be accepted in the major or minor programs.
Teaching Credential Subject Representative. See the Teaching Credential/M.A. Program.
Hebrew. Students interested in Hebrew courses should see http://classics.ucdavis.edu/hebrew.
Human Rights Minor. Students interested in the Human Rights minor should see http://humanrightsminor.ucdavis.edu.
Jewish Studies. Students interested in Jewish Studies should see http://jewishstudies.ucdavis.edu.
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