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Spanish and Portuguese

(College of Letters and Science)

Cecilia Colombi, Ph.D., Chairperson of the Department

Department Office. 215 Sproul Hall; 530-752-0835; http://spanish.ucdavis.edu


Emilio Bejel, Ph.D., Professor
Leopoldo Bernucci, Ph.D., Professor
Robert Blake, Ph.D., Professor
Travis Bradley, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Cecilia Colombi, Ph.D., Professor
Cristina González, Ph.D., Professor
Robert Irwin, Ph.D., Professor
Michael Lazzara, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Adrienne Martín, Ph.D., Professor
Cristina Martínez-Carazo, Associate Professor
Robert Newcomb, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Ana Peluffo, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Claudia Sánchez Gutiérrez, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
John Slater, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Emeriti Faculty

Marta E. Altisent, Ph.D., Professor Emerita
Linda Egan, Ph.D., Professor Emerita
Norma López-Burton, M.A., Continuing Lecturer Emerita
Zunilda Gertel, Ph.D., Professor Emerita
Fabián A. Samaniego, M.A., Senior Lecturer Emeritus
Hugo J. Verani, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus

Affiliated Faculty

Charles Oriel, Ph.D., Lecturer

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