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The Major Program

The Spanish major program assures proficiency in all four language skills-speaking, understanding, reading, and writing-and acquaints students with the intellectual and cultural contributions of the Spanish-speaking world through a study of its language, literature, and cultural productions.

The Program. The department's lower division program gives students a solid foundation in the Spanish language, either through the traditional elementary and intermediate language series or through an accelerated three-course sequence of Spanish for native speakers. At the upper division level, students receive a broad introduction to basic concepts and the practice of literary and cultural criticism and to the four areas of study represented in the department's curriculum: Spanish linguistics, Spanish literature and culture, Latin-American literature and culture, and Latino literatures and cultures in the United States. Students are encouraged to work closely with the department's academic advisers in designing a program of studies tailored to their individual needs and interests. Many students combine the Spanish major with another major in the humanities or social sciences.

Student Learning Outcomes. Educational Objectives:

  • Linguistics. Demonstrate knowledge of the Spanish speaking world's linguistic diversity through the comprehension of Spanish in a variety of situations, discursive modes and historical, regional or social variations. Demonstrates analytic, interpretative, and critical thinking skills; Spanish 111N, 113, 115/S, 116, 117, 118, 180.
  • Literature. Demonstrate analytic, interpretative and critical thinking skills with respect to literary texts from Latin America, Spain, the United States and other countries in which there is a literary production in Spanish; Spanish 100/S, 130, 131N, 134A/B, 142 (Spain); 150N, 151, 157, 159/S (Latin America); 117, 174, 176, 177 (United States).
  • Culture. Demonstrate cultural awareness with respect to the diversity of cultural products and manifestations produced in the Spanish speaking world (Latin America, Spain, the United States and other countries in which there is a cultural production in Spanish; Spanish 100/S, 141/S, 170/S, 174.
  • Film and Art. Demonstrate analytic interpretative and critical thinking skills with respect to linguistics, literature and cultural studies.

Career Alternatives. The program, alone or in combination with other major programs, may lead to advanced study of the language or literature and culture of Spain and Spanish America, and to careers not only in teaching, but also in other professions such as library science, law, medicine, and in government, social service, business, or international relations.

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