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A.B. Major Requirements:

Preparatory Subject Matter
Spanish 1, 2, 3, 21 or 21S, 22 or 22S, 23 or 23S, and 24 or 24S 0-33
or Spanish 31, 32, 33 0-15
Linguistics 1 4
Depth Subject Matter
One course in each of the following five areas: 19-20
Spanish 100, 100S, 141, 141S, 170 or 170S 4
Spanish 111N, 115, or 116 3-4
Spanish 130, 131N, 134A or 142 4
Spanish 150N, 151, 157, 159 or 159S 4
Spanish 117, 174, 176, or 177 4
Students planning to take Spanish 110 should do so at the beginning of the upper division sequence or concurrently with Spanish 100, 100S, 141, 141S, 170 or 170S.
Six elective courses to be chosen in consultation with the student's major adviser 22-24
Students may, with the approval of their adviser, take up to two elective courses outside the Spanish department in such programs as:
African American and African Studies: African American and African Studies 107A, 180
Anthropology: Anthropology 144
Art History: Art History 151
Chicana/o Studies: Chicana/o Studies 154, 155, 156, 160, 170, 171
Comparative Literature: Comparative Literature 152, 165/S
Education: Education 151, 152
History: History 159, 160, 161A, 161B, 164, 165, 166A, 166B, 167, 168, 169A, 169B
Linguistics: Linguistics 166
Native American Studies: Native American Studies 120, 133A/B, 184
A maximum of six units of course 199 may be counted toward the major. Course 199 cannot be used to replace regular departmental courses.
Total Units for the Major
Major Advisers. Student Affairs Officer/Undergraduate Academic Coordinator; Laura Barrera, ljbarrera@ucdavis.edu.
Advising. Given the great flexibility in the Spanish major, it is important that students design their programs in close consultation with their major adviser. This is especially important for students who intend to use their major as preparation for graduate study, for those who are planning a teaching career, and for those who wish to take advantage of our Education Abroad Program options.

Minor Program Requirements:

One course in each of the following five areas:
Spanish 100, 100S, 141, 141S, 170, or 170S 4
Spanish 111N, 115, or 116 3-4
Spanish 130, 131N, 134A, or 142 4
Spanish 150N, 151, 157, 159 or
159S 4
Spanish 117, 174, 176, or 177 4
One upper division elective in Spanish 4
Consult a departmental adviser if any of these courses are to be taken abroad.
Honors Program. Candidates for high or highest honors in Spanish must write a senior thesis under the direction of a faculty member. For this purpose, honors candidates must enroll in at least six units of Spanish 194H distributed over two quarters. Normally, a student will undertake the honors project during the first two quarters of the senior year; other arrangements must be authorized by the department chair. Only students who, at the end of their junior year (135 units), have attained a cumulative GPA of 3.500 in courses required for the major will be eligible for the honors program. The requirements for earning high and highest honors in Spanish are in addition to the regular requirements for the major in Spanish.
Education Abroad Program Options. The department encourages its majors to consider study in a Spanish-speaking country with our Education Abroad Program (EAP). It is now possible for our students to complete significant portions of the Spanish major in the EAP centers at both the lower (Preparatory Subject Matter) and upper division levels through newly introduced options.
UC Davis Quarter Abroad. The Quarter Abroad Program offers programs in Mendoza, Argentina (fall quarter) and in Madrid, Spain (spring quarter). These programs aim at providing students with opportunities to increase their knowledge of the Spanish language and cultures by experiencing the life-learning challenges of living and studying abroad.
Students may earn 15-22 UC Davis units toward the Spanish major, minor, or foreign language requirement. Each program may offer an upper division course taught by the UC Davis Program Director focusing on history, culture and society.
For more information, contact C. Colombi or C. Martínez-Carazo or see http://studyabroad.ucdavis.edu/programs/quarterabroad/.
Teaching Credential Subject Representative. C. Colombi; see the Teaching Credential/M.A. Program.
Graduate Study. The Department offers courses leading to the M.A. degree in Spanish to students who have completed with distinction the A.B. degree in Spanish, or the equivalent. Candidates will be recommended for admission to graduate studies in Spanish provided they meet the requirements of the Graduate Studies office and the Department of Spanish. The Department also offers programs of study and research leading to the Ph.D. degree. Detailed information may be obtained by writing to the Chairperson or the Graduate Director of the Spanish Department.
Graduate Adviser. Mandy Bachman, mlbachman@ucdavis.edu.
Prerequisite Credit. Credit normally will not be given for a course if that course is the prerequisite of a course already successfully completed. Exceptions can be made by the Department Chairperson only.
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