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Graduate Study. The Graduate Program in Statistics offers programs of study and research leading to the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees. The M.S. gives students a strong foundation in the theory of statistics as well as substantial familiarity with the most widely used statistical methods. Facility in computer programming is essential for some of the course work. The supervised statistical consulting required of all M.S. students has proven to be a valuable educational experience. The Ph.D. program combines advanced course work in statistics and probability with the opportunity for in-depth concurrent study in an applied field. For detailed information contact the Chairperson of the Program or the Graduate Adviser.

Preparation. Preparation for the graduate program requires a year of calculus, a course in linear algebra, facility with a programming language and upper division coursework in mathematics and/or statistics. For admission to the Ph.D. program, course work requirements for the master's degree, and at least one semester/two quarters of advanced calculus must be completed.

Graduate Adviser. Debashis Paul (Statistics)

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