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The Program of Study

The honors course of study is designed to enhance the undergraduate experience of highly motivated students in all academic pathways. The University Honors Program (UHP) is an interdisciplinary, campus-wide honors program for top students interested in enhancing their education through special courses, close contact with faculty, and dynamic interaction with academic peers.

General Education Honors courses, seminars, and special study opportunities constitute the course offerings of the University Honors Program. First-year and second-year students in the UHP take six General Education honors courses during their first and second year. Upper division and transfer students complete a variety of research projects and service learning opportunities. All students who successfully complete the program receive transcript notation.

UHP courses and seminars are designed to foster critical thinking and analytic interpretation, improve oral, written and technical communication skills, enhance research skills, and provide experience with group dynamics and collaborative exploration of problems. Course enrollment is generally limited to 25 students.

Updated program information is available at the UHP website. A complete list of these courses, with course registration numbers, is made available to admitted students through the UHP office.

Only University Honors Program students may register for the courses in University Honors Program (HNR).

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