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Minor Program Requirements:

Professional Writing
One course from each of the following four groups:
Group A: English 100NF, University Writing Program 101, 102A, 102B, 102C, 102D, 102E, 102F, 102G, 102H, 102I, 102J, 102K, 102L, 102M
Group B: University Writing Program 104A, 104B, 104C, 104D, 104E, 104F, 104I,104J, 104T, 110, 111A, 111B, 111C
Group C: Anthropology 110, 120, Classics 110, Communication 101, 105, 152, Design 145, 149, English 105, English/Linguistics/UWP 106, English/Science and Technology Studies 164, History 101, Philosophy 137A, 137B, 137C, Technocultural Studies 191, University Writing Program 100, 112A, 120, 121
Group D: University Writing Program 192 (or equivalent)
Additional units to achieve a total of 20 upper division units 4
One additional course from Groups A, B, or C above.
Note: At least twelve units must be from University Writing Program courses.
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