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Courses in UC Davis Washington Center (WAS)

Optional elective courses listed at http://www.ucdc.edu/academic/courses.

Upper Division

175. Health Policy and Health Politics (4)

Seminar—3 hours; extensive writing or discussion—1 hour. Restricted to students attending UC Washington Center program. Following the model of a Congressional subcommittee, identification of four salient health policy issues for study, research, and development of model policies to address them. (Same course as Public Health Sciences 175W.) GE credit: SocSci, Wrt | ACGH, OL, SS, WE.

187. Gun Violence (4)

Lecture/discussion—4 hours. Restricted to students attending UC Washington Center program. Gun violence, viewed from the perspectives of criminology and public health. Topics include personal and societal contributing factors and critical assessment of potential solutions. Offered in alternate years.

192. Internship in the UC Davis Washington Program (8)

Internship—32 hours. Prerequisite: junior or senior standing, admission in the UC Davis Washington Program, and course 193 concurrently. Internship in Washington, DC with associated, supervised research project. (P/NP grading only.)—F, W, S, Su. (F, W, S, Su.)

193. Washington Center Research Seminar (4)

Lecture/discussion—1 hour; independent study—3 hours; tutorial—0.5 hour. Prerequisite: course 192 concurrently. Core academic component of Washington Program. Topics coordinated with internships. Research draws on resources uniquely available in Washington, DC. Supervised preparation of extensive paper. (Same course as Political Science 193W.) GE credit: SocSci, Wrt | OL, SS, WE.—F, W, S, Su. (F, W, S, Su.) 

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