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Minor Program Requirements:

Applied Computing and Information Systems
Two or three of the following courses: Plant Sciences 120, 121, Animal Science 128, Engineering: Computer Science 167. (The third course may be taken in substitution for a course from either of the elective groups.)
Remainder of the units to be made up of courses in one or both of the following groups 6-12
Computer Applications, Computer Assisted Analysis in Data Manipulation: Agricultural and Resource Economics 106, 155, Plant Sciences 180, Applied Biological Systems Technology 180, 181, 182, Community and Regional Development 160, Economics 102, Engineering: Computer Science 124, Hydrologic Science 182, International Agricultural Development 170, Statistics 141
Communication and Business Organization: Agricultural and Resource Economics 112, Community and Regional Development 168, Communication 103, 130, 134, 135, 136, International Agricultural Development 111
Minor Adviser. T. R. Famula (Animal Science)  
Advising Center is located in 1220 Plant and Environmental Sciences 530-752-1715.
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