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Graduate Study. The Graduate Group in Community Development offers a multidisciplinary program of study which leads to the M.S. degree. The program helps students link conceptual knowledge with cutting edge practical experience so they can influence the social, economic, cultural and political forces that affect the well-being of people living in community settings whether small towns or large cities, whether in the Unites States or elsewhere in the world. Graduate study in community development also prepares individuals to work within government or non-profit organizations in the realm of social and economic change, or to prepare them for further doctoral studies in related programs. Particular strengths of the program include: urban political development and change; sustainable agriculture and food systems; community organizing and organizations in under-served communities; community economic development; environmental conservation and planning; local impacts of globalization and trans-nationalism.

Preparation. Applicants to this program can prepare themselves by enrolling for upper division courses in the social or behavioral sciences, e.g., anthropology, economics, sociology, psychology, geography, urban studies or political science, and courses in community studies.

Graduate Advisers. Contact the Group office.

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