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The Major Program

The Clinical Nutrition major provides students with training in normal and therapeutic nutrition, biological and social sciences, food science, communication, business management and food service management. This major fulfills the academic requirements for admission into a dietetics internship or the equivalent, which must be completed before qualifying for registration as a dietitian.

The Program. The Clinical Nutrition major (formerly Dietetics) includes the same basic core of nutrition classes as the Nutrition Science major, but includes additional courses such as food service management, education, sociology, and communication skills to prepare for work with the public. Clinical Nutrition students spend the first two years completing preparatory course work in the basic biological sciences, along with several of the social sciences. In the final two years, students take courses in normal and clinical nutrition, food science, biochemistry, and management techniques.

Entering freshman or transfer students are assumed to have basic computer skills and to demonstrate mathematics competency adequate to pass the Math Placement Exam with a minimum score of 25.

Career Alternatives. The Clinical Nutrition major qualifies students to apply for a dietetic internship accredited by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics enabling them to become a Registered Dietitian, the professional credential necessary to work in a clinical setting. Once dietitians are registered, they generally seek employment in administrative, therapeutic, teaching, research, or public health/public service positions in clinics, hospitals, schools, or other similar institutions. There is a growing role for dietitians working in settings outside of the traditional hospital (for example, in state and federal nutrition programs, nutrition education, Peace Corps and Cooperative Extension work). Students who complete the undergraduate preparation in clinical nutrition are also qualified to enter graduate programs in dietetics, nutrition science, public health nutrition, and food service management.

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