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The Major Program

The Department of Computer Science administers two majors: Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), in the College of Engineering, and Computer Science (CS), in the College of Letters and Science. It also administers two minors: Computer Science, in the College of Letters and Science, and Computational Biology, in the College of Engineering. For information on the Computer Science and Engineering curriculum and the minor in Computational Biology, see Engineering: Computer Science.

The primary differences between the CSE and CS majors are the extent of hardware coverage and curricular flexibility. The CSE major develops a solid understanding of the entire machine, including hands-on experience with its hardware components. The CS major teaches some hardware, at the digital-design level, on simulators. The CSE major has fewer free electives. The CS major's more generous electives make it easier to complete a minor or double major.

Students in the CS major receive a solid grounding in the fundamentals of computer languages, operating systems, computer architecture, and the mathematical abstractions underpinning computer science. Students are prepared for both industry and postgraduate study.

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