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B.S. Major Requirements:

Preparatory Subject Matter
Mathematics 21A-21B-21C; 22A or 67 15-16
Computer Science Engineering 20, 30, 40, 60 16
Computer Science Engineering 50 or Electrical and Computer Engineering 70 4
One series from the following four 15-19
(a) Chemistry 2A-2B-2C
(b) Chemistry 2A-2B and Biological Sciences 2A
(c) Chemistry 2AH-2BH-2CH
(d) Physics 9A-9B-9C and Mathematics 21D
Depth Subject Matter
Computer Science Engineering 122A, 120 or 122B, 140A, 150, 154A 20
Computer Science Engineering 132 or Mathematics 135A or Statistics 131A 4
Computer Science electives 27-30
Minimum of 7 courses, including at least one mathematics or statistics course, from: Computer Science Engineering courses numbered between 120 and 189 inclusive; Computer Science and Engineering 193AB (counts as one); one approved course of 3 or 4 units from Computer Science and Engineering 192 or 199; Electrical and Computer Engineering 171, 172, 180A, 180B; Linguistics 177; Mathematics courses numbered between 100 and 189, excluding Mathematics 111; Statistics 131A, 131B. No course can count as both a required course and a Computer Science elective.
Total Units for the Major
Major Advisers. M. Farrens, V. Filkov, D. Ghosal, P. Koehl, N. Matloff, M. Neff, P. Koehl, P. Rogaway

Minor Program Requirements:

Computer Science
Computer Science Engineering 60 4
Upper division Computer Science Engineering courses 20
Select any upper-division Computer Science Engineering courses. A single approved course of 3 or 4 units from Computer Science and Engineering 192 or 199 is allowed.
Note. Computer Science Engineering 60 has a prerequisite chain of 20, 30, 40 and Mathematics 16A or 21A.
Note. The minor program has prerequisites of Computer Science Engineering 20, 30, and 40, and Mathematics 16A or 21A.
Graduate Study. See Graduate Studies.
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