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The Major Program. Students majoring in Environmental Horticulture and Urban Forestry learn how plants improve the environment and the quality of our lives. The major focuses on the biological and physical concepts and horticultural principles of plant production, management of plants and plant ecosystems in landscape settings and sociological aspects of plant/people interactions in the urban environment. Plants are used to revegetate and restore disturbed landscapes, control erosion and reduce energy and water consumption. The ornamental use of plants to improve the aesthetic quality of urban and rural landscapes, recreational areas, interiorscapes and commercial sites is an important aspect of this major. Students may select one or more of the following three areas of specialization: Floriculture/Nursery, Plant Biodiversity/Restoration, or Urban Landscape Management.

Internships and Career Opportunities. Students are encouraged to develop internships on or off campus to augment their activities in the classroom and laboratory. Internships are available with the department's greenhouse facility, the UC Davis Arboretum, landscape designers, local nurseries, government agencies, regional non-profits, and restoration firms. Career opportunities in this field include growing and/or managing plants in a variety of settings, including nurseries and arboreta, consulting as an arborist, or as an urban, landscape, or restoration horticulturist; business ownership; park management and landscape contracting; working in the public or private sector, or for non-profit organizations.

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