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Environmental Policy Analysis and Planning

(College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences)

The Major Program

The major in environmental policy analysis and planning develops skills for designing and assessing sustainable policies for environmental quality and natural resource management.

Any student in good standing is eligible to transfer to the major; to do so, please see the staff adviser, Melissa Whaley, in 2134 Wickson Hall, or the master adviser, Prof. J. Sanchirico, in 2102 Wickson Hall.

The Program. This major provides students with a strong background in policy analysis, including the evaluation of policy alternatives and the study of factors affecting policy formulation and implementation. Key components of this interdisciplinary training include a general background in the natural sciences relevant to environmental policy, economics, political science, statistics, and research methodology to quantitatively analyze environmental problems and policy options. In addition, students are encouraged to develop substantive knowledge in a specific field of environmental policy, such as urban and regional planning, water policy, transportation and energy, climate policy, or conservation management.

Careers. Environmental policy analysis and planning graduates are prepared for employment in environmental, natural resource, energy, and transportation focused public agencies, consulting firms, non-governmental organizations, and businesses, or as legislative aides for elected representatives. The major is also excellent preparation for students who want to go on to graduate work in law, planning, public policy, political science, economics, or business.

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