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B.S. Major Requirements:

Preparatory Subject Matter
University Writing Program 102F, 104A, or 104E 4
Communication 1 4
Mathematics 16A-16B-16C 9
Biological Sciences 2A 5
Chemistry 2A-2B-2C; 8A, 8B (or more advanced series) 21
Physics 7A-7B-7C 12
Food Science and Technology 50 3
Nutrition 10 (or approved substitute) 3
Depth Subject Matter
Biological Sciences 102, 103 6
Statistics 100 4
Microbiology 101 5
Food Science and Technology 100A, 100B, 101A, 101B, 103, 104, 104L, 110, 110L 190 30
Food Science and Technology 117 or Statistics 106 4
Food Science and Technology 127 or 107 4
Select one of the following five options:
Food Science Option
The Food Science option provides a broad exposure to food chemistry, food microbiology and food processing. Students find positions in quality assurance, product development, and food processing in the food industry.
Restricted Electives for the Food Science option
The restricted electives can:
(1) Provide a broad exposure to students who would seek positions in quality assurance, product development, and processing in the food industry
(2) Prepare students for graduate study in food science or related programs,
(3) Prepare students for professional school in the health sciences. Select courses from a master list, which is available from the advising center for the major.
Brewing Science Option
The Brewing Science option prepares students for careers in production or quality assurance within the brewing industry or other food fermentation industries (e.g., other alcoholic beverages, vinegar and cheese). The option also prepares students for graduate study in food science or related programs, and exposes the students to diverse topics, including chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology and processing.
Specific course requirements
Food Science and Technology 102A, 102B, 109, 123 18
Selected additional courses
Select courses from a master list available from the department Advising Center
Total Units for the Degree
Major Adviser. A.E. Mitchell (Food Science and Technology)
Advising Center for the major is located in 1204 RMI South Building 530-752-3250.
Graduate Study. A program of study and research leading to the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Food Science is available. For further information on graduate study, contact the graduate adviser.
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