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Individual Major

College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

The Individual Major in this College has been suspended indefinitely.
Program Office. 150 Mrak Hall; 530-752-0108; http://caes.ucdavis.edu/StudInfo/Advising/undergraduate-advising
Student Proposal. An Individual Major may be organized by a student having a specific academic interest not represented by an established major. Each student wishing an Individual Major should submit a proposal to the Dean's Office, prior to reaching 120 units, for review by the Student Actions and Individual Major Subcommittee. This proposal must include (1) an essay describing the special educational aims of the student, including a statement indicating why the educational objectives cannot be met by existing majors; (2) a list of planned courses; and (3) faculty adviser recommendations. It is critical that students contact a college counselor in the Dean's Office for consultation and development of the proposal.
Preparatory Subject Matter
Lower division courses basic to the program or needed to satisfy prerequisites for upper division requirements.
Depth Subject Matter
Upper division course work must include:
(a) Interrelated courses of 45 upper division units from two or more areas of study;
(b) At least one of the two or more areas of study must be within the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences;
(c) At least 30 of the 45 upper division units that are required in the program must be taken from courses provided by the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.
Unrestricted Electives (variable)
Total Units for the Major
Master Adviser. Thomas Gordon, Ph.D. (Plant Pathology)
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