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Minor Program Requirements:

This minor acquaints students with recent developments and their applications to agriculture, in geographic information systems (GIS), global positioning systems (GPS), variable rate technologies (VRT), crop and soil sensors, and remote sensing. The minor prepares students for challenging positions in site-specific crop management as we enter the “information age” in agriculture.
Precision Agriculture
Applied Biological Systems Technology/Landscape Architecture 150 and Environmental remote Sensing 186 and 186L 9
Select 9 or more units from Applied Biological Systems Technology 181N, 182, Plant Sciences 100A, 100AL, 100B, 100BL, 100C, 100CL, 110A, 110B, 110BL, 110C, Plant Sciences 120 or Statistics 100, Environmental and Resource Sciences 186, Soil Science 109 9
Minor Advisers. S.K. Upadhyaya, D.K. Giles
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