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Minor Program Requirements:

Social and Ethnic Relations
Select one course from each of the following six groups to total 24 units:
(A) African American and African Studies 100; Anthropology/Native American Studies 134; Women’s Studies 102
(B) African American and African Studies 123, 133, 145A
(C) Asian American Studies 1, 2, 100, 110, 130
(D) Chicana/o Studies 130, 132
(E) Native American Studies 1, 10, 115, 119, 130A, 130B, 130C, 157, 180
(F) Women’s Studies 103, 104, 180
Restrictions. (A) Courses applied toward the satisfaction of a major may not also be offered in satisfaction of the minor. (B) No more than four units (one course) may be lower division.
Advising. Contact the Program in Asian American Studies, 3131 Hart Hall, ethnicstudiessao@ucdavis.edu.
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