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Minor Program Requirements:

War-Peace Studies
One or two courses from each of the following areas:
Approaches: Anthropology 123AN, 126B, Comparative Literature 157, Philosophy 115, 118, Political Science 121, 123, 124, 132, 176, Sociology 157, Women's Studies 102
Northern and Western Regions: History 134A, 138C, 142A, 143, 144A, 144B, 145, 170B, 171B, 174B, Native American Studies 130B, Political Science 130, 131
Southern and Eastern Regions: Anthropology 142, 143A, 143B, 144, History 165, 191F, 194C, Native American Studies 120, Political Science 142A
Restriction. No more than two courses from a single department may be offered in satisfaction of the minor requirements.
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