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Student Government

Associated Students (ASUCD)

Student Government Administrative Office
348 Memorial Union 530-752-3632

ASUCD Student Services Office
347 Memorial Union 530-752-1990; http://asucd.ucdavis.edu

The Associated Students of the University of California, Davis (ASUCD), authorized by the regents and the chancellor, represents all undergraduate students and is responsible for over $11 million used to enhance the student experience. Graduate and law students also have access to all ASUCD commercial activities. Funds allocated to ASUCD provide for activities and services that make life as a student a little easier, less expensive and/or simply more fun.

ASUCD operates more than 40 activities, including the Unitrans bus system, The California Aggie newspaper, the Bike Barn repair services, free legal advice for undergraduate students, Campus Copies, Classical Notes, Project Compost, Cal Aggie Camp, U.S. Post Office and the Coffee House, among others.

The ASUCD-sponsored Experimental College offers a variety of nontraditional classes each quarter for students interested in diversifying their educational experience. The community garden is available to students and non-students alike. Radio KDVS stereo 90.3 FM, the student-run campus radio station, broadcasts at 5,000 watts. Other ASUCD activities include Entertainment Council and the Whole Earth Festival.

Picnic Day, a UC Davis tradition since 1909, is the largest student-run event in the nation. This annual spring open house features more than 100 exhibits and cultural displays, including a parade, a fashion show, sports, sheep dog trials, dachshund races, food, music and dancing.

You can find information about ASUCD programs at http://asucd.ucdavis.edu, in the Student Directory, which combines details about ASUCD services and organizations with the ASUCD student telephone directory or by visiting the ASUCD Student Services Office in the Memorial Union.

Allocated funds are budgeted through the ASUCD Senate. Based on a modified form of the U.S. Senate, the ASUCD senate consists of 12 elected senate members and the ASUCD president and vice president. The senate is the policy-making body for ASUCD and supervises all aspects of the association. The ASUCD president is the chief administrative officer and is assisted by the vice president. ASUCD is the liaison for the undergraduate student body and represents the students with other universities, the UC Office of the President and the regents.

The ASUCD Senate is the policy-making body of the student government and are responsible for allocating funds through their annual budget hearings. The Senate consists of 12 members who serve year-long terms with elections held during the fall and winter quarters.

Seven commissions and one committee advise the senate and assist the governing board with its decisions by researching legislation and making recommendations. Commission chairs are ex-officio members of the senate. Each commission also involves itself with various projects that relate to its specific area.

  • Academic Affairs advocates students’ rights in the area of academics, including dealing with the Academic Senate and with issues such as grading policies, tenure and teacher evaluations. Academic Affairs also sponsors the popular “Last Lecture Series.”
  • Business and Finance makes recommendations to the Senate on all financial matters and conducts audits on ASUCD commercial units.
  • Environmental Policy and Planning addresses all issues and concerns that pertain directly to the environment.
  • Ethnic and Cultural Affairs makes recommendations on policies and programs concerning UC Davis’ ethnic community, acts as a liaison between on-campus and off-campus bodies affecting ethnic students and their quality of life at the university.
  • External Affairs deals with off-campus concerns including the regents, UC Office of the President, and the Davis City Council.
  • Internal Affairs recommends policies to improve ASUCD operations and the quality of nonacademic student life on campus.
  • The Gender and Sexuality Committee actively promotes awareness of gender and sexuality issues, and prevention of sexual assault through outreach efforts and education programs.
  • The Elections Committee ensures the fair administration of ASUCD online elections. The Committee coordinates candidate and ballot measure forums and provides unbiased election information.

The ASUCD President is the chief administrative officer and is assisted by the Vice President. ASUCD is the liaison for the undergraduate student body and represents the students with other universities, the community, the UC Office of the President and the regents.

The judicial branch consists of the ASUCD Student Court. The nine member court has the responsibility to carry out all rules designated to it in the ASUCD Constitution and its bylaws. ASUCD Court Members serve “life” terms, lasting four years or their entire academic career at UC Davis.

UC Davis Administrative Advisory Committees

Office of the Chancellor; http://aac.ucdavis.edu/

The Office of the Chancellor encourages students to participate in issues affecting the campus community by applying for membership on an administrative advisory committee. Each committee focuses on a specific area, such as child and family care, disability issues, diversity, or student services and fees. The committees respond to requests for advice, identify needs or concerns within the charge of the committee and recommend action to the campus administration.

Applications are accepted each winter for service on committees the next academic year. Undergraduate students should contact ASUCD Student Advocacy. Graduate students should contact the Graduate Student Association.

Graduate Student Association (GSA)

Graduate Student Association (GSA)
Room 253, South Silo
530-752-6108; Fax 530-752-5158; gsa@ucdavis.edu; http://gsa.ucdavis.edu

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) is the officially recognized student government for UC Davis graduate students. GSA provides a forum for addressing the concerns of graduate students and promotes communication with campus administrators. GSA also serves as an advocate at all levels of the university on behalf of graduate students. Funded by graduate student fees, GSA provides services to all academic graduate students and to professional students in both the Graduate School of Management and the School of Education. Services include new student orientation, travel awards, announcements and assorted social events. Other professional students are eligible to join GSA by paying a fee.

GSA General Assembly representatives are usually designated by other students in their department or graduate group but can be selected through other processes determined by their department or graduate group. General Assembly meetings are held once a month and are open to all graduate and professional students. Each year the General Assembly elects the members of the Executive Council, who serve in a variety of positions to carry out the policies and functions of the organization.

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