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College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Unit Requirements

Of the required 180 units counted toward a degree, 54 units must be upper division work.

Unit Credit Limitations

In addition, the following unit limitations apply to all majors:

  • Not more than 6 units can be Physical Education 1 and 6
  • Not more than 20 units can be courses numbered 90X, 92, 97T, 97TC, 99, 190C, 190X, 192, 197T, 197TC, or 199
  • Not more than 12 units can be courses numbered 92 and/or 192 (credit will not be given for 192s or 199s taken before the completion of 84 units)
  • Not more than 5 units per quarter of Special Study courses (99, 194H, 199)
  • Not more than 9 units of professional courses (numbers 300-499) may be used toward the 54 upper division units

Limitation on Credit for Units Graded P. The Academic Senate limits the total number of courses graded P , including units earned in courses graded “P/NP only,” to one third of the units completed on the UC Davis campus. The P/NP option is to be used only for elective courses and should not be used for major requirements.

Credit for Open Campus (Concurrent) Courses. Students may apply credit for courses taken in the Open Campus (Concurrent) Program through UC Davis Extension towards the 180-unit undergraduate degree requirement. The grade points earned when enrolled in Open Campus courses will count toward the calculation of a student's UC GPA upon his/her admission or readmission to regular student status at UC Davis. Students registered at UC Davis may not enroll in Open Campus courses.

Credit for UC Davis Extension Courses. Registered UC Davis students who plan to use academic credit earned in a UC Davis Extension course other than Open Campus (Concurrent) towards their UC Davis degree must obtain prior written approval from their College before registering in the UC Davis Extension. Upon approval students may apply a limited number of credits towards the 180-unit undergraduate degree requirements. Courses completed in UC Davis Extension will not count toward the calculation of a student's UC GPA.

Registration Beyond the 225-Unit Limit. Meet university residence requirement. No additional college residence requirements.

Residence Requirement

Thirty-five of the final 45 quarter units completed by each candidate must be earned while in residence on the UC Davis campus.

Scholarship Requirement

Students in the College are required to attain a minimum grade point average of 2.000 for all courses specified as depth subject matter in their major. Options, specializations and emphases may be included. Consult your master adviser. Only grades earned in courses taken at UC Davis are included in the grade point calculation. Each candidate must complete a program of study either as prescribed in (a) a major approved by the Undergraduate Majors and Courses Standing committee and printed in this catalog, or (b) an individual major approved by the Individual Major Standing committee.

English Composition Requirement

Once the Entry-Level Writing requirement has been satisfied, you may begin taking courses to meet the College's English composition requirement.

The English Composition requirement may be met in one of three ways:

1. Either two courses emphasizing written expression or one course emphasizing written expression and one course emphasizing oral expression, with a grade of C- (or P ) or better. The following UC Davis courses satisfy this requirement:

(a) one course must be selected from English 3, University Writing Program 1, 18, 19, 101, 102 series, 104 series or Nematology 150 (courses with primary emphasis in writing skills);

(b) one course selected from the courses not selected above, or from Communication 1, Comparative Literature 1, 2, 3, 4, or Native American Studies 5 (courses emphasizing either writing or speaking skills);

2. Advanced Placement English score of 4 or 5 PLUS any course listed in 1(a) or 1(b) above EXCEPT University Writing Program 1 or English 3


3. By passing the English Composition Examination administered by the College of Letters and Science upon completion of 70 units of degree credit (the examination does not yield credit).

English Composition Examination. The no-fee, no-unit examination is typically offered on a Saturday in October, January and April; for specific dates, see http://writing.ucdavis.edu/compexam/ .

If students choose to take this challenge exam, they are strongly advised to do so in their junior year. Register for the English Composition Examination athttp://writing.ucdavis.edu/compexam/ from the Monday before the exam date until Friday at noon or until no spaces remain. The AWPE/Upper-Division Composition Examination form, available at the UC Davis Bookstore, is required. It is recommended that students with disabilities contact the Student Disability Center at 530-752-3184 and the University Writing Program at 530-752-0450 at least two weeks prior to the exam date to arrange accommodations. No examinations are given during the summer.

General Education

You should consult your Dean’s Office or department adviser in advance to determine exactly how your General Education courses will apply toward your major.

You can choose one of four General Education theme options to help plan your GE courses. The themes, Global Population and Environmental Issues; Biodiversity and Cultural Diversity; Food and Fiber; and Changing Agriculture are described in more detail in General Education Theme Options.

Study Plan Approval

A Study Plan provides for attainment of specific long-term goals and should allow for the acquisition of prerequisite knowledge for courses to be taken in subsequent quarters; the fulfillment of College and major requirements; a proper balance between the demands of the courses and your ability to master the subject matter; and meeting the minimum progress requirements; see Course Load.

In conjunction with a faculty adviser and/or staff adviser, you must plan and prepare a program that specifies your goals and shows how the graduation requirements will be met. It is a regulation that a written “study plan” be filed with your faculty adviser or staff adviser by the end of the second quarter of the junior year (having completed not more than 120 units either in residence and/or by transfer).

You may be denied registration for future quarters if you do not comply with this regulation. However, filing this study plan does not preclude a change of major or program modifications.

Major Degree Certification

A Major Certification is completed during the quarter you plan to graduate. At that time, you and your faculty adviser and/or staff adviser check to see that all major requirements have been completed. The Dean’s Office completes the degree certification by verifying that all college and university requirements have been satisfied.

Degree Requirement Changes

On occasion, the faculty make changes in the requirements that students must satisfy to obtain the baccalaureate degree. So that you will not be penalized by changes that may work to your disadvantage and so that you will benefit by changes that assist you in completing your degree requirements, it is college policy that you may choose to fulfill the university, college and major requirements in effect at the time you were registered at UC Davis. If you have transferred to UC Davis from a community college, state college, or another university, you may follow the requirements as stated in any UC Davis General Catalog in effect either during the three years immediately preceding your transfer to UC Davis or at the time you first registered at that institution, whichever is most recent. Once you have chosen the year of the General Catalog under which you wish to be governed, you must satisfy all of the university, college and major requirements specified in that catalog.

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