Student Conduct & Support Services

Office of Student Support & Judicial Affairs, 530-752-1128

The Office of Student Support & Judicial Affairs (OSSJA) supports the University's educational mission by upholding standards of academic honesty and responsible behavior, promoting student development, and assisting students in need.  

Student Support

Every year, students struggle with challenges and crisis-related issues that interfere with their academic and student life success. The non-clinical case managers in OSSJA provide support and assistance to students experiencing difficulties and to staff and faculty members who become aware of such students. Case managers serve students in distress by reaching out to understand each student's needs and then coordinating with campus and community resources for assistance and care. They also provide consultation to faculty and staff regarding students of concern, help problem-solve situations involving students of concern, and provide feedback to involved parties as needed. Finally, they serve on the Students of Concern Response Team (SCRT), an interdisciplinary group of professionals that manages situations involving students of concern who present potentially serious risk of harm to self or others.

Student Responsibilities

UC Davis policies, rules, and regulations serve multiple purposes:

  • To support the safety and security of all members of our community.
  • To promote responsible and engaged involvement in the campus community.
  • To uphold the University's standards of excellence in education and promote the ethical, intellectual, and emotional growth and development of students involved in the disciplinary process.
  • To ensure compliance with federal, state and local laws and regulations.

Students are responsible for complying with the announcements and regulations in this catalog and with all policies, rules and regulations of the university and this campus. The student conduct officers in OSSJA uphold campus standards of academic honesty and student conduct by resolving alleged violations of university policies or campus regulations. The Code of Academic Conduct and other policies related to student conduct may be found on the Policies page at the Office of Student Support & Judicial Affairs. Students are not able to register or receive transcripts of record or diplomas until they have met all university obligations.

Student Grievances

OSSJA serves as a resource for the informal resolution of student grievances and general problem solving. Students who are not sure whom to contact regarding a concern or grievance can contact OSSJA for guidance and consultation.