International Student Expenses

International students are responsible for all of their expenses while studying at UC Davis. The expenses include nonresident supplemental tuition, systemwide tuition & fees, campus-based fees, room & board, books and a modest amount for personal expenses. For the latest costs, see Cost of Attendance. It is extremely important that students arrive on campus with sufficient funds for the entire academic year to cover all fees, tuition and expenses such as room & board, health insurance, books, supplies, transportation and other miscellaneous expenses. Careful budgeting is essential for international students.

During the admission process, most international undergraduate students are required to demonstrate that they have financial support and that these funds are available for nine months. Students need to have adequate, reliable and continuing financial support for the whole time they are here. After students arrive in the United States, it is extremely difficult to obtain additional funding. The university does not offer grants or financial aid to international undergraduate students.