Educational Objectives for Students

The Educational Objectives for Students were adopted by the Academic Senate in April 2002. They articulate our aspirations for student learning; help to establish campus priorities and guide decision making related to student development; and guide academic programs in the review of how their classes and course requirements interact with the goals to demonstrate educational effectiveness.

Develop effective communication skills:

  • Written, oral, interpersonal, group

Develop higher cognitive skills:

  • Critical thinking, creativity, analytical ability

Cultivate the virtues:

  • Ethics, responsibility, honor, tolerance, respect for others, empathy

Develop focus and depth in one or more disciplines.

Develop leadership skills:

  • Ability to stimulate and direct collaborative learning and collaborative action

Develop a global perspective:

  • Broad intellectual and cultural experience through active engagement, an understanding of the interactions among the individual, society, and the natural world

Prepare for lifelong learning:

  • Independent thinking and learning, learning to find information, asking the right questions