Internship & Career Center (ICC)

The Internship & Career Center (ICC), located in South Hall, works with undergraduate, masters, and Ph.D. students, postdoctoral scholars and recent graduates. The ICC can help you identify your abilities and interests and relate them to career options; gain access to practical experience to increase your competitiveness in the job market; and find employment. ICC workshops on finding an internship or part-time job, beginning a job search, developing a resume, networking and preparing for an interview are available on our website and YouTube channel. Each academic year, the ICC hosts four to six large internship and career fairs which give UC Davis students and alumni the opportunity to connect with employers.

Internship Programs

Gain practical skills that will transfer to the workplace. Apply your coursework. Launch your career! Take advantage of thousands of internships organized through the Internship & Career Center (ICC) or initiate your own. There is literally something for everyone! An internship may be full-time or part-time, credit-bearing or non-credit bearing, voluntary or paid, depending on your skills, needs and interests, as well as the availability of openings. We are continuing to create more paid opportunities through Federal Work-Study and grants. Internship experiences emphasize learning and must be supervised by a professional. Get your approved internship documented on your UC Davis transcript by completing Transcript Notation (TN). Academic credit is awarded for experiences planned and approved in advance by a sponsoring faculty member.

Masters, Ph.D., & Postdoctoral Services

The Internship & Career Center (ICC), located in South Hall, provides comprehensive career services for UC Davis Masters and Ph.D. students, and Postdoctoral scholars (MPP). Career advisors can assist you with all aspects of your career search whether your goal is a career in industry, government or academia. Our team realizes these are complex decisions. Our career services include confidential one-to-one advising with an individualized review of curriculum vitae (CV), resumes, and cover letters; workshops and panel discussions; recruiting and networking events; and employer information sessions, all specifically designed for advanced degree holders.

Student Employment

Student Employment is a resource within the Internship & Career Center (ICC) that connects students to paid, part-time opportunities (on and off campus) that help fund their educational expenses, while gaining professional skills and a professional network. With support from the Internship & Career Center, students have easy access to student employment as well as internship and career opportunities.