Independent Study Program

Chair, Committee on Courses of Instruction, c/o Academic Senate Office; 530-752-2220.

The Independent Study Program provides an opportunity for upper division students to design and pursue a full quarter (12-15 units) of individual study in an area of special interest.

A program qualifying as Independent Study will consist of one or more courses in the 190–199 series. While the theme of such a program may be reasonably broad, a recognizable common thread should unite all the academic work you undertake during an independent study quarter. Regularly offered formal courses will only be acceptable as a part of such a program if they clearly fit its theme and contribute something essential toward the realization of its objectives. The program is not to be considered a way to take more variable-unit courses than normally permitted.

The procedure for enrolling in an Independent Study Program is as follows:

  1. Develop, in general terms, a plan of study.
  2. Locate a faculty sponsor or panel of sponsors and with their help and approval develop a detailed plan.
  3. Complete a project proposal form (obtained from the Academic Senate office) and submit it to the Academic Senate Committee on Courses of Instruction.

The deadline for applications is the tenth day of instruction of the term before; for specific dates, see the Academic Calendar.

Note. Most courses in the 190-199 series are graded on a "Passed/Not Passed" basis unless the instructor has obtained approval for letter grading from the Academic Senate Committee on Courses of Instruction. Requests for letter grading must be received by the Senate Committee no later than the fifteenth day of instruction in the quarter in which the course is offered.

You must report the completion or termination of the project to the Academic Senate Committee on Courses of Instruction.