Bodega Marine Laboratory Program

Bodega Marine Laboratory
P.O. Box 247
Bodega Bay, CA 94923
707-875-2211; Bodega Marine Laboratory

Integrative marine science courses at Bodega Marine Laboratory (BML) offer a multidisciplinary understanding of coastal systems through hands-on research, lab and field-based courses. The program includes courses during spring quarter, Summer Sessions One and Two.

Spring Quarter Program

The spring quarter curriculum is currently under revision and a new integrated curriculum will be in place in the near future that is 12-15 units. For updates, check Bodega Marine Laboratory. Scholarships will be available to defray the costs of housing at BML.

For more details, follow developments of the spring quarter curriculum at Bodega Marine Laboratory.

Summer Session Courses

This integrated program offers students a multidisciplinary understanding of coastal ecosystems and oceanography through intensive, hands on lab and field courses taught at Bodega Marine Laboratory. Students can take up to 10 units in each Summer Session. Applications are due in Spring of each year. Scholarships are available to defray the costs of housing at BML.

For more course detail, see the full description under the appropriate academic department listing or Bodega Marine Laboratory.

Offerings Include

Summer Session One

Coastal Marine Research and Experimental Invertebrate Biology. BIS 124, EVE 114
Effects of Coastal Pollution on Marine Organisms. ETX 127/NUT 127

Summer Session Two

Biological Oceanography. GEL 150C /ESP 150C
Coastal Oceanography. ESP 152
Global Change Ecology. EVE 120
Marine & Coastal Field Ecology. ESP 124

Course offerings, sequence structure and instructors may vary from year to year.

Bodega Marine Laboratory spring and summer programs can be residential, with students housed on the laboratory grounds. Residential students are assessed a room and board fee in addition to standard campus registration fees. Students may choose to commute for Summer Session Two. Financial aid may be available to eligible students from campus. Scholarships are available from Bodega Marine Laboratory. Applications and consent of  instructors are required.

For additional information, contact 707-875-2211 or see Bodega Marine Laboratory.