Internship Program

Marcie Kirk Holland, Executive Director

Internship & Career Center (ICC); South Hall; 530-752-2855

Program Areas

Agricultural & Environmental Sciences, Career Recruiting Programs, Engineering & Physical Sciences, Masters, Ph.D.s and Postdoctoral Scholars, Health & Biological Sciences, International Programs, Liberal Arts & Business, Student Employment, and Sacramento Valley College Corps.

Internship Experience

An internship (also known as experiential learning) is a work experience that is either directly related to your major field of study or your career interest. Internships are an opportunity to develop your skills and knowledge under the supervision of a professional. The Internship and Career Center facilitates a campus-wide internship program. All internships, both credit and non-credit, can be taken for Transcript Notation with completion of required evaluation reports submitted through Handshake. The notation briefly describes the nature and location of the internship experience. Questions pertaining to Transcript Notation may be directed to the Internship & Career Center.

Course Credit

Academic credit is granted through academic departments and graduate groups. The ICC advising staff can assist you in identifying internship opportunities and provide information about academic credit.

Internship courses (092, 192, & 292) are available for credit on a variable-unit and Passed/Not Passed (P/NP) grading basis. For most students, a maximum of 12 units of P/NP courses may be counted toward the 180-unit minimum needed for graduation. To qualify for the 192 course, students must have acquired 84 units of credit. All credited internships require approval and sponsorship by a faculty member from an appropriate discipline. Arrangements may be made through the department of the sponsoring faculty member and facilitated by the Internship & Career Center Staff.