Designated Emphasis, Biotechnology (DEB) Graduate Studies

DEB 263 — Biotechnology Fundamentals & Application (2 units)

Course Description: Fundamentals of molecular biology and chemical engineering involved in recombinant DNA technology. Topics: principles of rate processes of biological systems, optimization of bioreactors, and issues related to overexpression and production of recombinant molecules. Participation in student-directed team projects.

Prerequisite(s): BIS 101; BIS 102; MIC 102; or consent of instructor; must be a graduate student in good standing.

  • Learning Activities: Lecture 2 hour(s).
  • Grade Mode: Letter.

DEB 282 — Biotechnology Internship (7-12 units)

Course Description: Research at a biotechnology company or interdisciplinary cross-college lab for a minimum of three months as part of the Designated Emphasis in Biotechnology Program.

Prerequisite(s): Graduate standing and consent of instructor.

  • Learning Activities: Internship 21-36 hour(s).
  • Enrollment Restriction(s): Open only to students participating in the Designated Emphasis in Biotechnology program.
  • Grade Mode: Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory only.

DEB 294 — Current Progress in Biotechnology (1 unit)

Course Description: Seminars presented by guest lecturers on subjects of their own research activities.

Prerequisite(s): Graduate standing.

  • Learning Activities: Seminar 1 hour(s).
  • Repeat Credit: May be repeated.
  • Cross Listing: ECH 294.
  • Grade Mode: Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory only.