Systems & Synthetic Biology (SSB)

SSB 134 — Systems Biology: From Biological Circuits to Biological Systems (3 units)

Course Description: Application of systems theory to understanding the properties of biological networks in a variety of model organisms. Local biological circuits and genome-scale biological networks. Network motifs, robustness, modeling, emergent properties and integration of networks.

Prerequisite(s): BIS 101; (MCB 121 or PLB 113); (MAT 016C or MAT 017C or MAT 019C or MAT 021B or MAT 021BH); or consent of instructor; BIS 015L recommended.

  • Learning Activities: Lecture/Discussion 3 hour(s).
  • Credit Limitation(s): Not open for credit if student has taken BIS 134.
  • Grade Mode: Letter.
  • General Education: Science & Engineering (SE).