Agricultural & Environmental Technology (TAE) College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences

TAE 030 — Mobile Communication & Computing Technologies for Agriculture & the Environment (4 units)

Course Description: Modern computer technologies and the applications of sensing technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT) in agriculture and the environment. IoT and embedded devices; history and evolution of IoT, communication, and computing technologies; sensors and actuators; microcontrollers; data communication technology; introduction to data analysis and data visualization; designing web applications; and hands‐on IoT-based projects.

  • Learning Activities: Lecture 2 hour(s), Discussion 1 hour(s), Laboratory 3 hour(s).
  • Enrollment Restriction(s): Pass One restricted to students in the College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences.
  • Grade Mode: Letter.
  • General Education: Quantitative Literacy (QL); Visual Literacy (VL).