UC Davis Washington Center (WAS) College of Letters & Science

WAS 187 — Gun Violence (4 units)

Course Description: Gun violence, viewed from the perspectives of criminology and public health. Topics include personal and societal contributing factors and critical assessment of potential solutions.

  • Learning Activities: Lecture/Discussion 4 hour(s).
  • Enrollment Restriction(s): Restricted to students attending UC Washington Center program.
  • Grade Mode: Letter.

WAS 192 — Internship in the UC Davis Washington Program (8 units)

Course Description: Internship in Washington, DC with associated, supervised research project.

Prerequisite(s): WAS 193 (can be concurrent); junior or senior standing, admission in the UC Davis Washington Program. WAS 193 required concurrently.

  • Learning Activities: Internship 32 hour(s).
  • Grade Mode: Pass/No Pass only.

WAS 193 — Washington Center Research Seminar (4 units)

Course Description: Core academic component of Washington Program offered every quarter. Topics coordinated with internships. Research draws on resources uniquely available in Washington, DC. Supervised preparation of extensive paper.

Prerequisite(s): WAS 192 (can be concurrent).

  • Learning Activities: Lecture/Discussion 3 hour(s), Term Paper/Discussion.
  • Cross Listing: POL 193W.
  • Grade Mode: Letter.
  • General Education: Social Sciences (SS); Writing Experience (WE).