Agricultural & Environmental Chemistry, Master of Science College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences

Graduate Study

The Graduate Group in Agricultural & Environmental Chemistry offers programs of study and research leading to M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in four areas:

  • Environmental & Analytical Chemistry
  • Biological & Toxicological Chemistry
  • Food & Wine Chemistry
  • Fiber & Polymer Chemistry

Detailed information regarding graduate study may be obtained at Agricultural & Environmental Chemistry (Graduate Group).

Graduate Advisors

P.K. Pandey (Veterinary Medicine), G. Sun (Biological and Agricultural Engineering), B. Poulin (Environmental Toxicology), T. Young (Civil and Environmental Engineering), M. J. Hengel (Environmental Toxicology), A.E. Mitchell (Food Science & Technology), Q. Zhang (Environmental Toxicology), Tran Nguyen (Environmental Toxicology)