Agricultural & Environmental Chemistry, Doctor of Philosophy College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences

Graduate Study

The Graduate Group in Agricultural & Environmental Chemistry offers programs of study and research leading to M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in four areas: (1) Environmental & Analytical Chemistry, (2) Biological & Toxicological Chemistry, (3) Food & Wine Chemistry, and (4) Fiber & Polymer Chemistry. Detailed information regarding graduate study may be obtained at Agricultural & Environmental Chemistry (Graduate Group).

Graduate Advisors

C. Cappa (Civil & Environmental Engineering), P. G. Green (Civil & Environmental Engineering), M. J. Hengel (Environmental Toxicology), P. J. Hernes (Land, Air & Water Resources), H. Heymann (Viticulture & Enology), Y.-L. Hsieh (Textiles & Clothing), A.E. Mitchell (Food Science & Technology), T. Nguyen (Environmental Toxicology)