Asian American Studies, Minor College of Letters & Science

Department Background

Our curriculum emphasizes multidisciplinary, comparative, transnational, and intersectional perspectives; original empirically-based scholarship; cultural production and analyses; and community engagement.

In consultation with our faculty and staff advisors, students in the minor have the exciting opportunity to select an emphasis or specialty organized around our faculty’s areas of intellectual focus including—Immigration, Labor, & Transnationalism; Visual, Literary, & Cultural Studies; and Public/Community-Engaged Scholarship. The department is also developing an emphasis on Health through its emerging partnerships. Each emphasis incorporates a diverse array of thematic, theoretical, disciplinary, and methodological approaches—as well as a focus on a broad range of Asian American communities—allowing students to choose a course of study that aligns with their particular academic and career interests. The minor in Asian American studies can complement a range of majors. In the past and currently our minors have majored in areas of academic study that range across the social sciences and humanities (Sociology, Anthropology, History, English and others) as well as the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) fields.

Career Alternatives

With the multidisciplinary emphasis of our program, an Asian American studies minor provides excellent preparation for a diverse range of careers. Our alumni have established successful careers in the arts, community-based and non-profit organizations, government and politics, human rights, journalism, international relations, law, K-12 education, public health, public policy, social work, and student affairs in higher education. Others have gone on to pursue postgraduate degrees in a wide variety of fields that include education, ethnic studies, fine arts, feminist & queer studies, history, law, literature, political science, public policy, sociology, and social work. Our department has fostered close relationships with our alumni who are committed to supporting our minors with their career plans.

General Education Requirements

A large number of the courses offered by the Department fulfill a wide range of general education topical breadth and core literacy requirements that include:

Topical Breadth

  • Arts & Humanities
  • Social Sciences

Core Literacy

Literacy with Words & Images
  • Writing Experience
  • Oral Skills
  • Visual Literacy
Civic & Cultural Literacy
  • American Cultures, Governance, & History
  • Domestic Diversity
  • World Cultures

Minor Advisor

Joe Nguyen, Student Academic Advisor; 530-752-8617.

Substitutions for disciplinary track courses will be considered by the Department Chair on a case-by-case basis. Likewise, any substitutions of Major/Minor criteria will be considered by the Department Chair.

Direct questions pertaining to the following courses to the instructor or to the Department of Asian American Studies in 3102 Hart Hall; 530-752-2069. Also find relevant contact information at Asian American Studies.

Preparatory Subject Matter
Choose two:8
Historical Experience of Asian Americans
Contemporary Issues of Asian Americans
Methods in Asian American Studies
Asian American Cultural Studies
Preparatory Subject Matter Total8
Choose five:20
Asian American Communities
Theoretical Perspective in Asian American Studies
Asian American Women
Asian American Sexuality
Asian Diasporas
Multiracial Asian Pacific American Issues
Asian American Youth
Asian American Performance
Asian American Literature
Ethnicity, Culture, & the Self
Health Issues Confronting Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders
Asian Americans & the Political Culture of Fashion in the U.S. & Asia
Filipino American Experience
Japanese American Experience
Chinese American Experience
Korean American Experience
Southeast Asian American Experience
South Asian American History, Culture, & Politics
Asian American Legal History
Topics in Asian American Studies: History
Topics in Asian American Studies: Culture
Topics in Asian American Studies: Physical & Mental Health
Topics in Asian American Studies: Policy & Community
Topics in Asian American Studies: Comparative Racial Studies
Topics in Asian American Studies: Asian Studies & Asian American Studies
Topics in Asian American Studies: Race, Class, Gender, & Sexuality
Topics in Asian American Studies: Society & Institutions
Topics in Asian American Studies: Politics & Social Movements
Internships 1
Directed Group Study 2
Special Study for Advanced Undergraduates 3
Total Units28

No more than 4 units of ASA 192 may be counted toward this total.


No more than 4 units of ASA 198 may be counted toward this total.


No more than 4 units of ASA 199 may be counted toward this total.