Biochemistry, Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology, Master of Science Graduate Studies

Graduate Study

The Graduate Group in Biochemistry, Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology offers programs of study and research leading to M.S. and Ph.D. degrees. While an M.S. may be obtained while pursuing a Ph.D., only Ph.D. applications will be accepted. Biochemistry, Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology is a broad, interdepartmental program. Master's degree offered only en route to Ph.D.


Appropriate preparation is an undergraduate degree in a biological or physical science. Preparation should include a year of calculus, physics, general chemistry and organic chemistry, and courses in statistics, biochemistry, genetics and cell biology.

Graduate Advisors

E. Baldwin (Molecular & Cellular Biology), S. Collins (Microbiology & Molecular Genetics), E. Diaz (Med: Pharmacology), B. Draper (Molecular & Cellular Biology), J. Engebrecht (Molecular & Cellular Biology), C. Fraser (Molecular & Cellular Biology), P. Ghosh (Med: Urologic Surgery), Q. Gong (Med: Cell Biology & Human Anatomy), M. Huising (Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior), F. McNally (Molecular & Cellular Biology), J. Sack (Med: Physiology & Membrane Biology), S. Simo (Med: Cell Biology & Human Anatomy), D. Starr (Molecular & Cellular Biology), P. Zerbe (Plant Biology)