Precision Agriculture, Minor College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences

The Department of Biological & Agricultural Engineering offers the minor in Precision Agriculture, the latest farming concept that optimizes fertilizer, pesticide and water use, while minimizing environmental concerns.

This minor acquaints students with recent developments and their applications to agriculture, in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Variable Rate Technologies (VRT), crop & soil sensors, and remote sensing. The minor prepares students for challenging positions in site-specific crop management as we enter the “information age” in agriculture.

All core courses (ABT 150/LDA 150 and ESM 186) must be taken for a letter grade. Up to one elective course may be taken P/NP.

Minor Advisors

S.G. Vougioukas; A. Pourreza (Biological & Agricultural Engineering Department)

Minor Staff Advising

The Biological & Agricultural Engineering staff advisor is available to help students create academic plans for this minor and submit minor declarations. For more information, see Undergraduate Advising.

ABT/LDA 150Introduction to Geographic Information Systems4
Environmental Science & Management
ESM 186Environmental Remote Sensing5
Choose 9 or more units:9
Concepts & Methods in Geographic Information Systems
Environmental Analysis Using GIS
Metabolic Processes of Cultivated Plants
Metabolic Processes of Cultivated Plants Laboratory
Growth & Yield of Cultivated Plants
Growth & Yield of Cultivated Plants Laboratory
Environmental Interactions of Cultivated Plants
Environmental Interactions of Cultivated Plants Laboratory
Sustainable Nutrient Management
Choose one:
Applied Statistics in Agricultural Sciences
Applied Statistics for Biological Sciences
Total Units18