Quantitative Biology & Bioinformatics, Minor College of Biological Sciences

The interdisciplinary minor in Quantitative Biology & Bioinformatics is an integrative program that introduces students to the quantitative and computational approaches that are redefining all disciplines in the biological sciences, from molecular and cell biology, through genetics and physiology, to ecology and evolutionary biology. Students in this minor will learn research tools that apply mathematical and computational methods, increase their insight into the strengths and limitations of quantitative approaches, and develop the interdisciplinary perspective that is now the foundation of modern biological research and training.

The minor in Quantitative Biology & Bioinformatics is open to all undergraduates regardless of major and is sponsored by the College of Biological Sciences.

Faculty Advisor

Mark Goldman, Ph.D.


Biology Academic Success Center (BASC) in 1023 Katherine Esau Science Hall (formerly Sciences Laboratory Building); 530-752-0410

Only one course used to satisfy a requirement for the minor may be applied toward a student’s major.

Core Courses
Choose one:0-4
Introduction to Programming
Programming & Problem Solving
OR the equivalent.
The programming requirement may be satisfied by previous experience and therefore may not entail college course credit. Please see your minor advisor for this determination and its possible impact on your unit requirements for the minor.
Quantitative Biology
BIS/MAT 107Probability & Stochastic Processes with Applications to Biology 14
or MAT 124 Mathematical Biology
NOTE: BIS 107 (same as MAT 107) has a prerequisite of BIS 027A/MAT 027A (preferred) or MAT 022A; MAT 124 has a prerequisite of MAT 027A & MAT 027B (preferred) or MAT 022A & MAT 022B.
ECS 124Theory & Practice of Bioinformatics4
or ECS 129 Computational Structural Bioinformatics
Core Courses Subtotal8-12
Quantitative & Computational Preparation
Choose one:4
Probability & Stochastic Processes with Applications to Biology 1
Probability & Data Science for Biomedical Engineers
Algorithm Design & Analysis
Scientific Computation
Database Systems
Machine Learning
Numerical Analysis
Numerical Analysis in Solution of Equations
Numerical Analysis in Differential Equations
Advanced Applied Statistics for the Biological Sciences
Applied Statistical Methods: Regression Analysis
Mathematical Statistics: Brief Course
Introduction to Probability Theory
Fundamentals of Statistical Data Science
NOTE: BIS 107 (same as MAT 107) has a prerequisite of BIS 027A/MAT 027A (preferred) or MAT 022A; MAT 124 has a prerequisite of MAT 027A & MAT 027B (preferred) or MAT 022A & MAT 022B.
Quantitative & Computational Preparation Subtotal4
Restricted Electives
Complete two or more from the following list to achieve a total of 18-26 units:5-10
BIS 134
(Discontinued) 2
Genomics Laboratory
Comparative Genomics
Functional Genomics
Cellular Dynamics
Protein Engineering
Cell & Tissue Mechanics
Applied Bioinformatics
Population & Quantitative Genetics
Phylogeny, Speciation & Macroevolution
Community Ecology
Computational Genetics
Microbial Diversity
MIC 117
Behavior & Analysis of Enzyme & Receptor Systems
Cell & Molecular Biophysics
Principles of Genomics
Math Tools for Neuroscience
Computational Neuroscience
Population Ecology
Population Dynamics & Estimation
Restricted Electives Subtotal5-10
Total Units18-26

BIS 107 can only be used to fulfill either the Quantitative Biology Core requirement or the Quantitative & Computational Preparation requirement, not both.


BIS 134 has been discontinued; course is now listed as SSB 134.