Biomedical Engineering, Master of Science College of Engineering

Graduate Study

The Biomedical Engineering Graduate Group (BMEGG) offers programs of study and research leading to the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees. The programs of study prepare students for professional work in the effective integration of engineering with medical and biological sciences. Research strengths lie in the areas of: bioelectricity & neuroengineering; biomaterials & devices; biomechanics & mechanobiology; bioimaging & biophotonics; computational & synthetic biology; and molecular, cellular & tissue engineering. Each student, together with an advisor, defines a specific course of study suited to individual goals.


The BMEGG curriculum requires strong competence in mathematics, engineering, and biology for successful completion of study. Prior course work in these areas is emphasized in the evaluation of applications, though some undergraduate training can be acquired after admission to the BMEGG.


See Biomedical Engineering.


See BMEGG Advising & Administration.