Chemistry, Minor College of Letters & Science

Major Advisor

To contact a major advisor in the Department of Chemistry; see Academic Advising.


The minor program has prerequisites of CHE 002A-CHE 002B-CHE 002C or CHE 004A-CHE 004B-CHE 004C, MAT 016A-MAT 016B-MAT 016C or MAT 017A-MAT 017B-MAT 017C or MAT 021A-MAT 021B-MAT 021C, and PHY 007A-PHY 007B-PHY 007C or PHY 009A-PHY 009B-PHY 009C or their equivalents. Students wishing to earn a Chemistry minor should consult with a Chemistry major advisor.

CHE 105Analytical & Physical Chemical Methods4
CHE 107APhysical Chemistry for the Life Sciences3
CHE 107BPhysical Chemistry for the Life Sciences3
CHE 118AOrganic Chemistry for Health & Life Sciences4
CHE 124AInorganic Chemistry: Fundamentals3
Choose at least one: 3-4
Organic Chemistry for Health & Life Sciences
Inorganic Chemistry: Main Group Elements
Inorganic Chemistry: D & F Block Elements
Total Units20-21